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Go Chlorine Free With Superior Aqua Healthcare System

Go Chlorine Free With Superior Aqua Healthcare System

10 Year Warranty / Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

STUDIES PROVE - Chlorine has been linked to Asthma, Heart Disease and Cancer:

Chlorine-Free Pools & Spas - No Red Eyes, Dry Skin, Wrinkles, Asthma or Cancer!
No Toxic Chlorine or Chemical Smell!


Even though we may notice the external effects of Chlorine more, many of the effects of chlorine are internal.  Every little bit of it we are exposed to is absorbed into our blood stream and processed through our organs to be removed.  This is an exhausting task for our body to do.

What about when we expose ourselves to it everyday?  This is when we really need to think about the serious side effects of Chlorine and other chemicals too. 

When we are using chlorine to clean our water we often need stabilizers such as Cyanide.  Cyanide is a potent neurotoxin, a renowned poison, as well as a terrorist weaponNow why would you want to bathe in such harsh chemicals?

The truth is even a little bit of exposure to chemicals over works our liver, dries out our skin, hair and eyes.  They disrupt our endocrine sysem....all sorts of things. 

Children that our over exposed to chlorine and other chemicals are very high risk for lung cancer.  Not to mention many other chemical induced illnesses.

Well let's face it; we are better off without chemicals whenever possible.  So why swim in chlorine when you can swim in clean, fresh, chemical free water? 

This Chlorine Free, Superior Aqua Healthcare System is extremely easy to use and once set up, practically maintains itself!  You simply install it and run it for 6-8 hours each day to keep you water sparkling clean.  You will still need to buy some Chlorine or Hydrogen Peroxide for weekly maintenance, but it will be significantly less and The Superior Aqua Healthcare - Chlorine Free System will remove any chlorine within 8 hours!  What a saving!  On your health & Money!

People will be amazed at how sparkling clean your pool is without chemicals!  It feels so nice and soft like fresh bath water to swim in.  You won't believe it until you feel it for yourself! 

Make your pool Chorine FREE with our Superior Aqua Healthcare - Chlorine Free System!

On SALE for a limited time!!

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Superior Aqua Chlorine Free Pool SystemSuperior Aqua Chlorine Free Pool System

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