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Herbs and Spices

     At we offer a wide variety of natural and organic herbs and spices for all your cooking needs. 

Many herbs and spices have great health benefits that people don't even realize are there.  The problem is most herbs and spices are grown with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides which are extremely harmful to the human body.  When you take the same herbs and spices and grow them organically they become some of the most valuable plants we can consume. 

Every time you add organic herbs and spices to a meal you are literaly upgrading your food without adding a single calorie.  You are taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary by adding color, flavor, vitamins and often medicinal properties!  Organic spices are a great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

Who would have ever thought making your food taste better would be so beneficial!  Because of all those great nutrients the organic spices contain they naturally increase your metabolism which means you will burn the food you have eaten as fuel and store less fat!  Some studies have shown red organic pepper flakes to decrease your calorie intake by 10-16%.  So if you have an appetizer before dinner try adding organic red pepper flakes to decrease your calories.  For some specific health concerns try the following organic herbs and spices: 

Organic Rosemary and Basil have anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic Cumin and Sage have Dementia fighting power.

Organic Cayenne and Cinnamon have been shown to decrease obesity.

Organic Turmeric is an immune booster and has been known to help fight cancer. 

Organic Basil, Cinnamon, Thyme, Saffron and Ginger are also great immune boosters.

Organic Oregano helps fight fungus.

Organic Garlic, Mustard Seed and Chicory help strengthen your heart.

Organic Basil and Thyme are great for your skin.

Organic Coriander, Rosemary, Cayenne, Allspice and Black Pepper have been shown to fight Depression.

organic Cinnamon has also been shown to lower blood-glucose levels!  One study involving 60 people with Type 2 Diabetes reported that consuming as little as two teaspoons of cinnamon daily for six weeks reduced blood-glucose levels significantly!

 So, take a look at our selection of Organic herbs and spices and reep the benefits every time you cook!

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